Taco Pickles

I’m not a big fan of pickles, I found this recipe (http://www.evakolenko.com/eat-this-taco-pickles/) and I’ve made these a couple times now, they are so Good! I’ve made a few alterations, but this recipe is so versatile I’m sure you can make with with whatever you like.

I know I don’t get enough alkaline food, (vinegar, etc.) and A lot of acidic food, (lemon, tomatoes, etc.) so these help balance out the stomach too. Plus a great way to use up some small veggies, We usually can’t go through a whole bunch of radishes right away.

These are not really pickles, but super easy to make and great on lots of things. Obviously, they are great on Tacos, but I also put some on Turkey sandwiches and in a bowl of ramen.



Taco Pickles

  • Radishes
  • Jalapeno
  • Carrots (these were from our garden so I really wanted to preserve what we could)
  • Celery (I added this because I love celery)
  • Cilantro
  • Apple Cider Vinegar or other vinegar (2 parts)
  • Sugar (1 part)
  • Pinch of Salt



Process: I thinly sliced up all my veggies and mixed them together in a jar with a seal-able lid.I added the Cilantro on Top with a pinch of salt.

Then I mixed up 2 parts apple cider vinegar (1 cup) with 1 part sugar (1/2 cup). you can bring this to a boil and then let it cool before adding, but I am lazy and can’t figure out the exact amount needed to cover the veggies. (You can see in the picture the amount was not enough. Anyways I stirred until dissolved, and added. then I made another batch of vinegar and sugar. (I also ran out of Apple Cider vinegar so I used plain distilled vinegar to reach the proper amount), Once it was dissolved again, I added it to the jar and stuck it in the Fridge.

It should be ready to eat by tomorrow on some tacos!