Wood Butter Recipe

This isn’t really a soapmaking post, but it is a DIY recipe to revitalize wooden spoons. I really enjoyed this because it was like suddenly I got brand new kitchen spoons. I made just enough to fill a small jam jar, but I think it will last me quite awhile!

1 Part Beeswax

4 Parts Mineral Oil


wpid-20131117_160005.jpg wpid-20131117_161101.jpg wpid-20131117_160002.jpg wpid-20131117_161753.jpg

Another great use for mineral oil, cleaning above the stove. the greasy steam hood is always a pain to clean, but this was so easy. I guess it is true:

The best way to clean oil is with oil.

I just used a paper towel with some mineral oil on in, and wiped the greasy area. Here’s another blogger’s take: http://www.themanlyhousekeeper.com/2011/05/18/quick-tip-the-best-way-to-clean-oil-splatters/


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