Sleepytime Honey Yogurt Soap – AKA Ugly Soap!


This recipes is based on my favorite sleepy-time tea.


  Ingredient 2lb/900g Batch
30% Coconut Oil*

266 g

30% Vegetable Shortening*

270 g

30% Olive Oil (Pomace)*

270 g

10% Peanut Oil

94 g



125.68 g



342 g


Additional Liquid: Honey

171 g


Additional Liquid: Yogurt

171 g

Color Indigo w/ Glycerin

1/8 tsp

E.O. Lavender

0.7 oz

E.O. Eucalyptus

0.3 oz

F.O. Peach

0.4 oz

infusing Chamomile & Calendula

*Oils Infused with: Calendula & Chamomile

I envisioned a lovely light, relaxing scent in a lovely light blue. 

I just bought some indigo colorant and wanted to give it a try. My Chamomile plant was producing more than I could drink. I put the freshly harvested Chamomile in the oven as the lowest setting I could  (200 degrees in my oven) for an hour. I turned the oven off and left the Chamomile in the oven for another hour, (until completely dry).


Since I drink my Chamomile tea with honey I thought this would be a good recipe to try adding honey to. This is where things started to veer off from my vision…

We have this lovely (read: expensive) jar of local honey, and as I was measuring out the amount called for I got some cold feet. I quickly decided to split the difference and add yogurt as well as honey to make up the rest of the liquid.

Super blurry picture of honey & yogurt (I took the pictures this time) 

Of course any soaper should know a couple of things, which is sugars will darker soap.

Oils, Lye mixture, honey, & yogurt mixing

I poured most of the soap into the mold then mixed more indigo until it turned more bluish than brownish to make a nice top layer. Still not pretty and the top layer is more mottled because I didn’t add the glycerine with the indigo. I was rushing around a bit then, worried the soap would seize up completely if I mixed it any more. Instead of a lovely light blue, I got an interesting brownish-orange.

This is just completed soap, versus cured for 24 hours.



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