Soapmaking on Netflix: ‘Orange is the New Black’

Here’s some soap-making screen captures from the new Netflix original show ‘Orange is the New Black.’ It’s a flashback from before the main character, Piper, went to jail.

Do what you love & maybe have a more business minded partner?

Here’s how the scene went down: 

Piper: So you can put anything in there?

Orange is the New Black

Lovely soap consistency.

Polly: Just about. Peppermint, basil, grapefruits, vanilla.
Polly’s husband, Pete : She won’t do chocolate. 
Polly: It never works. 
Pete: Or popcorn. 
Polly: We’re making soap, not Jelly Bellys.


Pretty nice set-up.



Not sure what she’s sprinkling, but looks like it will turn out nice.

Polly: You know, for Amy, I think you’d want something more along the lines of sage, patchouli, maybe eucalyptus? 
Piper: Oh, she’s allergic to eucalyptus, or she hates it. I can’t remember.
Polly: Really? Who hates eucalyptus? 

Farmer's Markets

Discussing where to sell it.

Piper: Larry’s mother. She thinks they’re “dirty trees”. 
Pete: You’re still with that guy? Thought you wouldn’t make it two months.
Polly: Pete! What?
Pete: You said so, too.
Polly: They’re moving in together.
Pete: Already? Shit. You are still a lesbian. I’m out, ladies.
Piper: Okay. You could sell these, you know. At farmers markets, little boutique stores.
Polly: I just kinda like making ’em. 
Piper: I could be your partner.  This could be something. I mean, this could be a thing, Pol. Market it right and package it right, this is money. I mean, it smells so fucking good in here. I can make this money.
Polly: I make lotions, too.





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