Orange Eucalyptus Cold-Process Soap

Orange Eucalyptus Cold-Process Soap
  • Coconut Oil (76°) = 10.56 ounces
  • Vegetable Shortning = 10.56 ounces
  • Olive Oil (Pomance*) = 10.88 ounces
  • Lye = 4.53 ounces
  • Water = 10.56 ounces
  • Valencia Orange Essential Oil = 1/4 tsp
  • Eucalyptus E.O. = 1/4 tsp
  • Lime E.O. = 1/8 tsp

First thing first. (after getting everything out and preparing my molds). 
Measuring out the oils: Coconut oil & the vegetable shorting are slightly solid and room temp. 
The olive oil I used was infused with Annatto/Achiote seed this is whats gives in it the Orange color.
Measuring out the Lye.

 *Pictures not taken*
Added Lye to water in steel pot.
Added Oils to Lye mixture.


 Mixing until almost trace

 Adding Valencia Oil, Eucalytus & Lime Essential Oils.

 After mixing. Adding to soap mold. (It’s a bit thicker than I’d prefer here)

Added leftover soap in Silicone Ice tray & yogurt cup (I greased with Vaseline)

The next day I removed from molds & sliced the loaf. 

4 thoughts on “Orange Eucalyptus Cold-Process Soap

    • Olive oil can totally be used in the recipe. I used Pomace in this recipe because it’s cheaper as it’s not a first pressing. You can use annatto powder instead of infusing, I’m not sure of the amount to achieve the same color. If you are using powder make sure to mix it will a little bit of your oil before adding to the whole mixture to avoid clumping, this is for any powder additive.

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