The Brussel Sprout Disaster!

We’ve been having a good time planting things this season. We’ve got happy carrots, Chamomile, & Dill so far that we planted from seeds. A few weeks ago I replanted the Dill and Chamomile and got starting on the next batch. I planted Brussel Sprouts, Purple Tomatillos, & Cherry tomatoes (that I ordered from Salt Spring Seeds)

Sad Looking Sprouts 😦

I was really happy when I saw the Tomatillos & Brussel Sprouts beginning to sprout in about a week.
Apparently the neighbor cat did not approve! Creamsicle cat thought it was a nice place to plant something too & dug up all the sprouts and buried the Tomatillos. Here’s a picture of Jesse uncovering the tomatillos sprouts and trying to save the brussels. I think some will survive. But I need to figure something out to prevent this from happening again. 

Uncovering Tomatillo seedlings


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