Lard Soap – First Try

Cold-Processed Lard Soap

I made a small batch of soap with Lard as the fat. I based this recipe from Mother Earth News:

Yogurt cups prepared with baby oil (mineral oil) 

I halved the recipe and used some individual yogurt containers.

Purple Peach-Lard Soap:

1 lbs Lard
2.2 oz. Lye
3.5 fl oz. distilled water


Red and Blue coloring and Peach F.O.

0.5 oz. Peach F.O. (Fragrance oil)
10-15 drop blue liquid coloring for soap
10 drops red liquid coloring for soap

  1. I melted the lard on the stove-top this time to melt the lard and keep at a stable temp. around ~115º F.

Melting the Lard
Measuring the distilled water.
Also, measured the Lye & added to water slowly while stirring  with window open and fan running. 
This is the dangerous part. Wore apron, gloves and safety goggles. Please read guidelines before attempting, I have taken a soap making course. 
The Lye mixture will heat up while mixing. Once the temperature on the Lye mixture has dropped to ~115º F add melted lard (it should be around the same temp.  Mixing lard with water & Lye mixture.

Mixing with Hand blender until  it reaches trace. 
I poured one with the plain lard mixture. Then added Fragrance Oil & Blue coloring
Added the Red coloring and topped off the other cups. 

Multicolored cup.  The color is still pretty light. 

The next day I removed them from the molds, and will let them cure for 6 weeks. Here they are after 24 hours:


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