My Shoes

We found these shoes at a cute place in Bellingham, next to Fiamma Burger. They fit my criteria perfectly, and my foot. I wanted a heel, but not a high one. I don’t wear heels often and I tend to twist my ankle in very uncomfotable angles when I do. These I felt like I could walk in. the color is technicaly seaform, but this is going to be my something blue. I think it will add a little something fun also. Another ‘criteria’, was that I didn’t want all my toes hanging out, this peep toes is perfect. Anyways I never really thought of myself as a shoe girl, (seeing as I never wear heels) but I did fall in love with these. The little leaf petal, and I acctaully felt like I will wear these after the wedding as well.
I’d wear them now if I wasn’t worried about them getting dirty. okay. Shoes. Check!

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