Bride Wars Review

Bride Wars Review-
We went to see Bride Wars last night. The premise is two friends somehow end up with competing weddings. After reading many reviews I wasn’t expecting much. I was very pleased with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway performances. Their relationship was the main focus of the film and it was well explored.

However, This is not really a Romantic-Comedy. The male characters fell a little flat, they were generic and not treated as very important. [Example: When asked if they want to check with the groom about the wedding date, both ladies imediately say “no”] Overall, It was a nice girl-friend flick, but not a Romantic one. Plus, there was quite a lot of ideas and themes that I know I don’t want. =P It also made me appreciate that I will have a really close friend to help plan and care about the details, and He’s my fiance.


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