To Veil or not to Veil

While researching I really discover how much I don’t know about this wedding stuff. The one decision that I have made for the entire wedding so far is regaurding my headware. I want a circlet (see previous post). My initial thoughts of the Veil was that if I had the circlet it is not needed, and buying one from a gown store I know it would be overpriced and made oversees probably (basicaly not inconjuction with our wedding’s overall theme).

Then,my Future-MIL offered to make me a Veil. This removed all of the aforementioned reasons not to have a veil, now thinking about it, It would definately make me feel a lot more ‘Bride-y’. BTW, She is a fabric artist, and I’m sure it would be exactly what I want. If only I knew what I wanted (short, Long, Birdcage, angled, over my face) I’m still not even sure what all that means. I’m also not a extremely put-together sort of dresser, If I like it I will wear it (ie. bright orange sneekers with my work dress pants).

So does a veil and circlet clash? Or is that a silly question?

My guess my first step if to find my dress!


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