Venue Scouting in Bellingham

This Saturday Mr. Geologist and I drove around to scout out venues in B-ham. The vision we had imagined of a beautiful archway among the evergreen trees of the Northwest with a pretty waterfall behind us, isn’t exactly feasible.

After a couple places I have to admit I was getting pretty pessimistic. The Lovely Idea of a wedding out in nature comes with quite a few realities that I did not want deal with. Bringing in food, electrical if there was to be dancing (and there is to be dancing), permits, etc., Plus I just could not see myself in a pretty white dress, hiking around. Anyways, We visited (i.e. walking around) the Roeder house and discovered that though the historic house looked nice, the lawn area was very small and on the corner of the road. Absolutely no Privacy outside. 
The Picture above is from the Lairmont Manor. When we arrived Mr. Geologist and I had the same feeling, ‘Wow, A place we can actually picture ourselves being married at. There was a very cute Sword-in-the-Stone in the front, and a cute courtyard with a fountain, and hedges to give the place a very intimate feeling. We didn’t bring the camera to take our own photos, unfortunately. Not sure yet if this is ‘The’ Place, much more to scout out. 

We are planning more venue scouting further South, but I am glad to at have some options. I also have a better Idea of what I am looking for. Exciting!

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