Corpse Bride Review

Of all the wedding related movies I have, Corpse bride is among the few that the bride and groom end up acctually getting married!
This movie looks amazing, and is really fun. It is not animated, it is done with still shots (a la Nightmare before Christmas) It does make you appreciate living in a society without arranged marraiges (although it does work out for them). I enjoyed the juxapostion of the land of the living (gloomy) versus the land of the dead (surprisingly lively). We wathed the special features as well, and It is really impressive the amount of dedication to detail that they did. Also, Christopher Lee was just awesome.
The movie did get me thinking about Traditions. We are not very traditional people but I’ve started doing some reseach. Jewish and Mexican have many traditions to work with so we will see. I will post later on the intresting stuff I find.

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