Follow-up Wedding Expo Post:

Listed below our favorite booths.

The Eco-Friendly Seattle based DJ couple Bamboo Beats. We were inpressed by their commitment to be as green as possible. Such as driving a hybrid to the event, buying green powed, and using digital media. We were also happy to hear that the DJ liked the Lord of the Rings, we were thinking of some music at the ceromony. Our first date was to see the Two Towers and it’s very romantic to us.
Pour Girls and Some guys was also intresting, They served us some Thomas Keeper. We found it pretty nice that we would bring the drinks and they would take care of the serving, Ice, etc. Another nice way to make it completely personalized.
Mike’s Amazing Cakes was a definately a show-stopper. They are very unique cakes and pretty well, amazing. Very Ace-Of-Cakes.
This was just to name a few of the venders of course. It did give us some good ideas, but perhaps a little further from choosing the venue.

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